Books To Teach Life Lessons

Last Stop Medals

Here are some great books we’ve been talking about in class.


Last Stop on Market Street 

by: Matt De La Pena illustrated by: Christian Robinson

Use this diverse book to teach your kids:

*Not to judge others by appearances

*To serve others

*To find beauty in all walks of life

Educator ideas for extensions:

Educator Carol Hurst discusses social skills and emotions. What can we infer from CJ’s attitude at the beginning and end of the book?


The Library Lion

by: Michelle Knudsen illustrated by:Kevin Hawkes

Kids love how the big lion becomes a helper in the library

Teach your kids:

*Not to judge by appearances (but you should still strive for excellence in the way you present yourself)

*Sometimes it’s okay to break the rules (especially if someone is hurt)

*Forgive others when they are sorry

Educator ideas for extensions:

Retell the story from the lion’s point of view. Write a prequel or sequel to the story. When is it okay to break rules?


Image result for el deafoEl Deafo

by: Cece Bell

Use this graphic novel especially with reluctant readers to teach:

*We all have different strengths and abilities

*Treat others the way in which you want to be treated

*Always try to be kind

Educator ideas for extensions:

Discuss how text and pictures in a graphic novel work together. How do these elements play off each other in El Deafo?


Apple Pie Fourth of JulyApple Pie 4th of July

by: Janet S. Wong illustrated by: Margaret Chodos-Irvine

Who wants to eat Chinese food on the 4th of July? Lots of people!

Use this diverse book to teach about:

*Cultural diversity


*Being proud of who you are

Amazing Grace

Educator ideas for extensions: 

What are ways to promote diversity in the classroom? What are some social action activities kids can do?