Marvelous Midwest Conference Highlights

Marvelous Midwest 2019

As I was listening to Clelia Gore talk about her client, Ella Schwartz’s book, Can You Crack the Code, I was thinking I would grab a copy in the bookstore between breakout sessions because my boys would absolutely gobble it up (and they did because I can’t find it now), BUT then I won a copy! Woohoo–I love a freebie, baby!

I delight in going to SCBWI conferences because I always feel right at home. There, I am among the same kind of people like me–those who get a thrill out of putting that perfect book in front of a child’s face.

Among many highlights from the conference this weekend, I especially enjoyed the following:

Josh Funk for giving me the courage to write in rhyme

Angie Karcher for being Cinderella and making me love kidlit writers even more

Shutta Crum for making me cry with an excerpt from A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (Shutta was crying too)

Linda Skeers’ grins and giggles  because I needed a laugh after A Monster Calls

Meeting up with old and new writing friends who love love love the…..

beautiful world of children’s literature


Happy writing, friends!


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