Brain Development

brainHi Everyone,

We had to watch and discuss three fascinating PBS videos about brain development for my Intervention and Remediation of Reading class at Lewis University. I wanted to post them. The first 2 deal with development in the younger child while the third examines schizophrenia and drug use in the teenage brain. I have personal experience with friends and family who suffer from mental illness, and the videos helped me understand exactly what happens to the brain when disorder occurs (and how to watch for it).


My oldest son, Rudy, is starting middle school in September. Learning about what changes his brain is about to embark on is good to know. He even watched the videos. Development of the prefrontal cortex really takes off in the second decade of life. This part of the brain is responsible for making future plans, reasoning, personal responsibility, and self-control (among other things).


I also wanted him to know what happens to the brain when someone is addicted to drugs like cocaine. The artificial high mimics dopamine—a neurotransmitter in our brains that regulates pleasure—and the body stops making dopamine in response to this wave of artificial high. That’s where the addiction comes in. You have to keep taking the drug just to maintain a normal feel-good feeling.

Below are the links.


Episode 1 The Baby’s Brain: Wider than the Sky

Episode 2 The Child’s Brain: Syllable from Sound

Episode 3 The Teenage Brain: A World of Their Own


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